How to contribute

Development happens at

Contributions are always welcome. You can do this by

  • filing bug reports,
  • discussing new ideas on the mailing list or
  • sending me patches.

If you do the latter, please make sure that all the tests run successfully (see also Running the Tests).

Setting up a development environment

What you will need to work on this module:

It might be a good idea to install all of the above mentioned dependencies into a virtualenv (I prefer to use virtualenvwrapper).

Running the Tests

There are a large number of tests to check for inter-version and inter-locale consistencies. The simplest way of running them is to run

python test

in the root directory. The tests require pytest. In order to check all supported Python versions (currently 2.4 - 2.7), I use tox.

When adding new tests, you need to pass your credentials to the API. Have a look at Configuration to see how to set it up. Your credentials will not be stored in any files!


Providing tests with your pull request will increase the chances of your changes being accepted by a factor of one gazillion!